Friday, July 30, 2010

Have you laughed today?

So a friend of mine upon hearing that I had started a blog sends me a link to a friend of hers that has a blog.  I read through it and it's pretty funny but today, today she had me laughing out loud (or LOL if I was texting this).  Pop on over and get a laugh for the day!

If it doesn't make you LOL then you have never vacationed like the "rest of us"!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

He will do that for us...

Today my husband got like 6 shots so that he could travel to India for business, I don't want him to go, he doesn't want to go, not really.  But he will because he loves this family so much that he will do anything for us even things he doesn't want to do.  He's my hero and I will miss him desperately while he's gone and love him even more when he comes back. 
He's her hero too!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Buying school supplies used to be fun...

I spent my day yesterday combining three children's school supply lists, then going through the "leftover" school supplies that came home last year and marking off the list.  Today I will take my three children and our combined list (that is only on my phone because my stupid printer only prints when it wants to) and purchase said school supplies.  I know what your thinking..."Kimberly, they offer those neat little packages and all you have to do is write a check!"  And you know what your right...I could write three checks totaling a combined $180(ish) dollars and be done with it.  But here's the thing:
1.  I loved picking out school supplies when I was growing was so fun to choose the things I wanted to use while at school.  (Of course now they don't let you use just any folder, it has to be a "blue, vinyl, three hole punched, brad and pocket folder"...boring!!!  And don't even get me started on why one kid has to have 300 sheets of filler paper and the other two have to have 260.  Or why the Kleenex for one kid is 100 count and the other two is 60 count.  Seriously?  Does it matter???
2.  I'm determined that I can save money buy buying these things in bulk and splitting it up between my children. 
Am I delusional?  Yup probably but oh we go!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The lazy days...

The laundry is piled high in the laundry room, the dishes are piled high in the kitchen sink, the beds are unmade, the kids (and I) are still in our pj's, the house is a total disaster.  But 'dark clouds loom ahead' with a rumble in the distance, there is coffee yet to be drunk, movies yet to be watched and books yet to be read.  I think I just found my agenda for the day.  Ahhhhhhh.....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The end is near...

Summer is drawing to an end, the kids are about to return to school and I'll be returning to work, *sob*.  Let's all take a moment to recognize the sadness and sorrow that accompanies such a realization.  *double sob* 

Sad little sunflower found here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wandering Words Wednesday...(oh the things they say)

Princess:  "Momma, I'm gonna be really wealthy when I'm a teenager!"
Me:  "When your a teenager?"
Princess:  "Yup!  You can be REALLY wealthy when your a teenager!"
Me:  "And how do you do that?"
Princess:  "You get a music agent, I've seen it on TV."
Me:  "So your gonna sing?"  (Please note...we have no musical talent whatsoever in this family...dancing yes...singing...not so much!)
Princess:  "Hello!  One hit wonder!"
Me:  "Do you know what a 'One hit wonder' is?"
Princess:  "Yes! (read: 'duh!') It's when you sing one song, make a ton of money and live off of it forever!"

Alrighty then, I've got my retirement plan, what's yours?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time flies...

I was digging through old pictures the other day looking for something and came across this, it was taken forever ago, I was probably pregnant with the Princess.  I would give almost anything to go back to that time, sit down beside those sweet little people and to find out what they were talking about before they were so rudely interrupted by their mother wanting to preserve that moment.  Did I take enough time to listen to their sweet little voices and to watch them play or to play with them?  I hope so, though as I listen to their deepening voices now it makes me think I certainly did not take nearly the time I should have.  In those moments you think it will last forever but it won't and before you know it those chubby little arms and faces will be replaced with muscled arms, facial hair and braces.  Don't get me wrong, they are just as beautiful now as they were then, but if these years passed that quickly, imagine how the next ten will go.  I'd rather not...
                                            YOU WALK AWAY
It feels like yesterday when you were in the warm confines of my body. I felt your hiccups, kicks, punches and somersaults. You climbed your way into the world and entered the warm embrace of my arms. I touch you, cuddle and kiss you. I nurse you and then they take you away, off to the nursery to be checked out. It is the first time in 9 months to be away from you. I feel empty as I watch them walk away.

You decide four months later that you want to hold a bottle, not be restricted in my arms while I nurse you. I watch your father carry you and your bottle off to bed as y’all walk away.

Your too attached to me they say. Is there such a thing? I put you in preschool, they have to peel your arms off of my body when I drop you off and you run to me when I pick you up, at first. But you like your teacher and you have new friends and as we enter the classroom I watch you run away.

Kindergarten, your eyes plead to be a baby again and climb up in my arms, but your pride makes you be strong. Tentatively you step into the large school. You see a friend and start to chat. I watch you walk away.

The truck is washed; you look so handsome in your tux. You growl when I take your picture and beg off my kiss. As you leave, to pick up your prom date, I watch you drive away.

You got a football scholarship; you are so excited, good dorm, great friends and lots of parties and girls, in your future. You don’t want your mom to help you move in. You struggle under the weight of the boxes as I watch you stagger away.

“She looks beautiful, wait until you see her” I say. “I hope you will be happy and all your dreams come true. Don’t make me wait too long for grand babies” I say. The pastor pronounces you husband and wife. Through eyes overflowing with tears, I watch you walk down the aisle to your new life and the woman in it, giving her the hugs and kisses that used to be mine. You both run through the shower of birdseed to the truck and at the end you stop and turn around. I watch you walk towards me. “I love you mom” you say, “I’ll call you when we get back”. My heart is full as I watch you walk away.

© Kimberly 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Looking for luggage...

I am an organizing freak...I love containers and dividers...all things that can make life just a little bit easier, less stressful, more organized.  So after my "escape" last week I felt totally disorganized which frustrated me. 

We went to two different locations in two days and I am a notorious over packer (luckily the girls I traveled with have the same problem so there were no complaints, unlike when I'm with my sweet husband).  But I was trying to organize so at the second location I could only take in the necessities...didn't work...ended up lugging my huge bag in for one night...can you say bummer!  (Okay, I realize this isn't REALLY a problem but stick with me).  Anyway...every year on my birthday (which is coming up please take note) my mother asks me what I want and every year I say I don't NEED anything because let's face it...I don't NEED anything...I WANT many things but am in NEED of nothing.  And my mom is such a giver that if you even mention you like something she's on the hunt to find it, purchase it and give it to you.  (About that new kitchen mom ...just kidding!)  But after this weekend...I've decided...I want luggage...but not just any luggage...I want something that will make me feel like a seasoned, organized, not-a-care-in-the-world I'm one of Michael Kors models in his ads. 

Help a girl out...if you have a set of luggage you just love...that makes you feel like you just stepped off a jet..let me a comment...I'm on the hunt!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Something to think about...

Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

-Colossians 3:12-13

Poor little guy (girl?)...

So while I was enjoying my time with Michael Bublé (did I mention how ahhhmazing he is?) my sweet husband sends me a text telling me that a baby owl has just flown into our back windows and has knocked itself silly.  This would have been shocking news...had it been the first time...probably more shocking though that it's NOT the first time.  Anyway...both times it's really cool cause we get the chance to see a little owl up close while listening to the momma hoot in the background calling to her baby.  Don't worry both times the baby owl sat for a second then flew away...but this time we got pictures.
I believe he's thinking..."What the heck was that?"
I would like to blame my crystal clear windows but not so much!

I guess my house is just so very warm and inviting...they wanna come in... hehehe

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I haven't met him YET...

Last night we saw Michael Bublé in concert as a combined birthday gift for my mother and nephew. Let me just say that I liked Michael Bublé before we went...I mean he's cute and has a great voice...but after the concert I can honestly say I LOVE him! He put on a great show that spanned multiple generations...I've never seen such a mix of grandparents to young children and everyone in between at one concert before and all of them loving every minute! Seriously...if you've never seen him live and have the opportunity to it!

And here's a hint...spend the big bucks and go for the front about connecting with his fans! I thought my mother was gonna jump over the railing from here:
To get here: 
Video found here.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Just a little break...

I ran away for a couple of days...loaded up a bag, jumped in the car with three of my girlfriends and off we went.  Sounds carefree right?  Wrong...don't misunderstand was a FABULOUS time full of laughter and silliness.  But we were also calling our families checking in reminding about what needed  to be done or how something needed to be handled or even handling things that quite frankly could have been handled by the spouses and children left at home. 

But that has me thinking?  What would have happened had we not made the countless phone calls and texts back home?  Would everyone have made it to their activities, would they have remembered to take the checks that needed to be paid or to make the phone calls and that needed to be made? 

My sweet husband hunts and fishes and travels for work and when he calls in he is calling in to say hey, that's it.  When I call in it's to say hey but usually it's a reminder also of who needs to go where and when.  Of course he had it all handled, he remembered every little detail (it might have been the detailed list I left on the table for him) or he might have remembered on his own?  ;0) 

I have no doubt that while I'm gone my children are well taken care of but I have a hard time relinquishing the control that I have when I'm home.  Is it because we don't think they can do it as well as us?  That it wont be done the way we WANT it to be done?  Hmmm...sounds like I need to test a theory?  Road trip anyone? 

Just kidding babe!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wandering Words Wednesday

"I poo in blue..."
Okay...I freely admit that I am a dork that loves silly commercials.  This one came on the other day and I cant get enough of it!  Is it because I would have LOVED to have these for my kids?  Is it because this little boy is just the most precious thing in the world (other than my three of course!).  Or is it because some marketing genius finally got it right...enjoy!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

About that turtle...

Late yesterday evening we drove home after a fun filled day at the beach with three sleepy, sandy, windswept kids in the back seat and as we rounded the corner I pointed out that they (a particular family that NEVER mows their yard) had mowed.  Nobody said anything until my sweet husband said in a low murmur, "Guess it's a good thing we moved the turtle huh?"  The yard that had FINALLY been mowed was the same yard that we had first moved the turtle to for protection.  Luck or divine intervention?  I prefer to think that God looks out for even the smallest, most trivial things in our lives.  Like saving a turtle...

Monday, July 12, 2010


Have I mentioned how impatient I am?  And yet I wait...wait for a phone to ring...knowing full well it may not even ring TODAY...I mean it WILL husband, my mom...but will it ring for the purpose I really want it to ring for and then when/if it does ring...after I answer will I have REALLY wanted it to ring in the first place?  Hmmm...have I confused you yet?  Me too...Have I mentioned I don't like waiting...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A really good family of clowns...

It has been a really rough week in this household but the love and caring for one another is always overflowing, even when we may not completely like each other at every single moment.  (Admit don't always LIKE your family members either...LOVE always...LIKE when we are lucky!)

But today, on our way home from church and the (there went a paycheck) grocery store, I saw the teeniest tiniest turtle in the middle of the road.  And as we passed I pointed it out.  We had two options: 1.  Keep driving home to put up the groceries, eat lunch and go about our day.  2.  Stop and help this defenseless little guy (girl?) who probably wouldn't make it much longer. 

Now admit it...what would you do?  Some days you may keep driving and not think twice and quite frankly that is what I expected on this particular day.  But I was wrong, my sweet husband stopped, put the car in reverse and backed up.  And my beautiful family (like the crowd of clowns we are) all clambered to windows to check on the guy.  My oldest hopped out, showed him to his brother and sister then sat it in a neighbors yard and hopped back in the car.  But that wasn't good enough...not for us or maybe just not he hopped back out and held him in the car so we could take him down to the creek.  In the midst of the "I wanna hold it!" and the "eeewww it peed on the seat!" yelling that was going on in the back of the car were my thoughts of how proud I am of this beautiful family who chose to take the time to save something so small and defenseless.
We are never perfect, we ARE a family of clowns and we screw up often.  But they are mine and I am theirs and for that...I'm forever thankful!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am not a patient person.  I admit that freely!  I will shout it from the rooftops...I AM NOT A PATIENT PERSON!!!  I like to imagine that when God was creating me He got distracted.  Maybe as He was adding the ingredients that makes me...well me...some beautiful angel walked up and asked a question like..."What are we gonna do with that Littlest Angel that keeps knocking everyone's halo off?"  (I love that book by the way...if you haven't read it...please do and if you have visit it will renew your spirit...I promise!  But keep a tissue nearby.)
So maybe God goes off to have a talk with the Littlest Angel and comes back and is all..."Now where was I?"  Clearly He had His hand on the patience bottle so He assumes He put it in or maybe just maybe He has to add just a tad of know so we wont be too perfect...cause let's face it as much as we try we can never be like God...nor can we ever do what Jesus would do...but that's a blog for another time. 
So maybe He adds two dashes of impatience and leaves out the cups of patience all together.  Who knows! 
This I do know...I hate red lights, I am annoyed by slow drivers, I think that when you text someone they should respond ASAP!  When you have to be somewhere and your dressed and ready to go but can't leave for 30 minutes that is torture for me!  When your appointment is at 1:30 but you aren't called back till 2:00...what is that?  Seriously!  I have a life too people and it doesn't involve sitting in your office watching the fish and having sick children cough on my healthy children just so I can go in and have you tell me that they are doing great.  ummm duh!  Or when they do call you back with your three young children and put you in a room the size of a mailbox and you wait another thirty minutes for the doctor well that right there is my own personal version of Hell! 
But then I think back to certain things and maybe He just goofed and added a dash of patience and a couple of cups of impatience instead of the other way around.  Because there are times when the patience pours out of me like a cup overflowing.  Like when my children wanted to be nursed in the middle of the night...I could sit in that chair holding those sweet warm bodies forever even as my heavy lids refused to stay open.  When my oldest had his tonsils and adenoids removed and he lay in post op moaning until they sat me in a rocking chair and his dad picked him up and laid him in my lap.  I rocked that big boy forever with a grape Popsicle dripping down my chest and onto my clothes while he clung to me and slept.  That right there is my version of Heaven! 
Maybe it's an age thing...maybe my impatience is a sign of an overly busy life.  Would I change it just so I could have way!  Do I wish I had more patience?  Sometimes but then again...if I did I wouldn't be me...and most days I like me.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta...

Sometimes you just gotta vent. Maybe what's going on isn't a big deal, maybe it's a minor inconvenience like say your dryer going out, your dishwasher breaking, a tree limb falling and crashing your fence. These are not life altering things...these are not big deals in the big scheme of life. They are only a minor inconvenience...but does that mean we shouldn't get to complain about them, should we just say "oh well" and move on...maybe some people do that? Do they? Do you? I don't! I get mad...I get frustrated! I don't like little inconveniences...they annoy me...I like things to work the way they are supposed to work and when they don't I frankly get very annoyed.

Is that a bad thing? Am I a bad person? Is that a flaw in my character trait makeup (is that even a term)? I dunno...but this I do know...when I'm complaining bout some little thing do me a favor...don't tell me it could be worse or to look on the bright side. Just say..."That sucks!" And then we can all move on. K? Thanks.


My minor inconvenience for the day.


And the reason it's inconvenient...I have to keep these two in...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Angel's on Earth

The other day I picked up my oldest (aka 'The Jolly Green Giant' as he has the best smile and is going to be so much taller than his dad or myself, he however, is not green) up from camp. He was gone for a week! To Kansas! Two states away! It was torture to have him gone! But while I drank in the presence of him as he helped to clean out the 10 hours worth of snacks from the van my eyes wandered over to his sweet blond headed friend. A precious boy who lost his mother too young. When she died so many people grieved. Her husband, her two young children, her parents, her sister, our church family...and me. I was a young mother with young children when we met and even though her youngest and my oldest were the same age I listened to her motherly wisdom like each word she spoke was gold! God took her too soon from us but I truly think her place was never supposed to be with us. She was the epitome of an angel on earth!

As I looked over at that sweet tired boy, all I could think was how she would have loved to have been there. She would have been there 30 minutes early (like I was), she would have wrapped him in a bear hug and whispered a prayer of thanksgiving for his life in his ear. She would have smiled the most beautiful smile while their 'so blond it's white' tresses shone in the light of the moon.

As I grabbed my boys bag full of dirty clothes and said my own silent prayer of thanksgiving that he was back home I sent up a prayer wishing she could have been there...but then again...she was.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wandering Words Wednesday

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that Mr. Krabs lives in Bikini Bottom...hmmm

Oh SpongeBob...

The Pedro's

Yesterday, as I prepared for our 4th of July festivities (celebrated on the 5th...which by the way I didn't like at all!)...I listened to a story in the background. It reached out and literally grabbed my stopped me in my tracks and I wanted my husband and children to hear it with me...but I couldn't tear my eyes or ears away long enough to call them in. So they had to sit and listen to me tell them about it afterwards...(it's never as good as seeing it live is it?).

The story is about combat paramedics...what touched my heart so much? I never think about the men and women who are taking care of the soldiers...I think often of the soldiers themselves and what they and their families go through but never about the ones behind the scenes, although this group isn't really behind the scenes at all. I listened to them talk and thought about them like mothers I suppose...putting others before themselves no matter the consequences. So maybe that's why I fell in love with this group that called themselves "The Pedros"...they put their lives on the line to save the soldiers that have been wounded by putting themselves on the line. (I want to know these people...I want to shake their hands and hug their necks...these are the real superstars...the people that should make millions of dollars a year!) What an amazing group of young men that choose to do they choose?

So today...on the 6th of July when life goes back to normal and their are no parades or fireworks, the flags are put away and instead of celebrating we are getting back to the daily grind...I'm going to say an extra prayer for not only The Pedros but for their families...I can't imagine knowing my husband or sons were at any given time going to fly into combat to hopefully save the life of a fallen soldier. Join me wont you?

You can see the story here...I dare you not to get goosebumps...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Home Church

I love my husband and I started attending it when we were dating (20 years ago) and joined when we dedicated our oldest son to the church (13 years ago). I can't imagine going anywhere else...but on some Sunday mornings, when I feel like we have been running crazy every single day, I don't want to get dressed or go anywhere. That's sounds bad doesn't? God chose to wake me and my beautiful family up...the least I can do is haul my lazy butt to church right? But what if your heart isn't in it? You know those days that the the pastor is up there giving an amazing message and all your doing is writing a grocery list on the back of the bulletin...or thinking of where you want to go to lunch (sorry Pastor David ;0). Those are the days that my husband and I have created home church...we pile in the den in our jammies with a steaming cup of coffee and our Bibles...each of the kids reads a Bible story and tells what it means to them...we have discussions...sometimes lengthy and serious and sometimes short and silly. I love home church...I love to hear what my children think about the Bible verses and stories and why those chose them. I like to think that God smiles down on us during our home church...because after all..."For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20