Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just say NO!!

What are we doing with our kids today?  Everything is select ball, competitive dance, private lessons, etc.  Whatever happened to just playing ball?  Just dancing?  Sometimes I just want to go back to June and the Beav, I know things weren't really perfect but they sure looked easier! 

Everyone wants their kid to be the best, to be the star.  It's human nature and quite frankly I believe that anyone who says otherwise is in complete denial.  Don't get me wrong, I'm right there with them.  I sink way to much money into competitive dance so that I can hopefully watch my daughter at the end of an 18 hour day receive a cheap trophy that will clutter her room.  In 20 years will she look back fondly on all those hours we spent together or will she only remember that five minutes before she went on the floor we were both in tears over something as stupid as the right shade of glitter. 

Why does everything have to be bigger and badder?  (You know bad as in the good bad.)  Bigger is not always better.  Why are children receiving iPads as Christmas gifts?  Do we believe that spending thousands of dollars on our children will make them love us more?  Is it guilt because we are so busy we don't actually spend time with our kids?  I watch parents have lunch with their kids at school and they are on the phone the whole time.  Is this the new quality time?  Again, I fully admit I am always plugged into my iPhone and am a textaholic.  So I guess I need to ask myself, "Self, is that costing you a relationship with your kids?  Your husband?  Your friends?"  The answer is most likely, yes.

Why are we as a society putting ourselves either in debt or jeopardy of going into debt for STUFF?  For private dance lessons, pitching lessons, voice lessons, the list just goes on.  Let's face reality people, 95% of our children will not grow up to be any sort of pro athlete or the next American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance winner. 

What if 10 of us banded together and just said No?  Twenty of us?  What if we all decided we want a simple life.  We want backyard BBQ's, pick up football games, marathon games of Monopoly.  Simple dance lessons instead of weekends taken over by hairspray, glitter and tears. 

I realize that in saying all this I am asking myself to stop obsessing over the latest Michael Kors bag (it's so BEAUtiful!) and the suede boots that match my Alma Matter's school colors (cause I really need them right?  But they are SO cute!).  But if we could all just step back for just a minute, maybe a season, what could we accomplish?  Could we hear the stories our grandparents would love to tell us of the good ole days but we are always too busy to sit down and listen?  Could we learn something new about our children, our spouse, ourselves?  The options are endless if we all just say NO!

Did you already say NO?  Post a comment and tell me how.