Saturday, October 23, 2010

Laughter through tears, tears through laughter?

Longest, most draining, emotionally ravaged week ever.  Do you ever have those?  Where you're just emotionally drained?  When the tears come so easy and the smiles are forced?  When you look in the mirror and you try to smile and notice that your only smiling with your mouth and it looks strange?  When you know you put makeup on in the morning and for some unbeknownst reason your face has soaked it up?  How does that happen by the way? 

That's this week and when I opened my eyes at 5:15 this SATURDAY (what?) morning I realized it was Saturday and laid my emotionally drained head back down on the soft pillow and tried desperately to go back to sleep.  No luck.  I laid there with my mind going crazy and the tears starting to fall until I could no longer stand it and got up for my coffee.  When the sleepy eyed brood stumbled from their rooms I allowed one to eat their cereal on the den floor, (carpet and milk a big no no in my house!  And another to eat Rice Krispie treats for the morning nourishment (usually reserved for only me).  I listened to the hacking and coughing and sniffling from the other room and remembered with a bowed head that I forgot to give my children their medicine before bed.  Shameful mother I am...letting my emotionally wrecked week keep me from doing what I love most, taking care of my offspring.  Thinking that this day would be a downer and I would spend it in my jammies with my head hung and the to do list never crossed off, the Author came in and in one small moment changed my outlook!

Author:  *sniff sniff, cough cough* "You know what I'm thinking would be good tonight, mom?"
Me: *preoccupied* "What?"
Author:  *sniff sniff, cough cough* "Medicine!"
Me: *blank stare on my face*
Author:  "Because just now I coughed and looked down and I think I saw my lung on the floor!"

Just when I think I can't make it one more second they make me laugh!  So while my day may still consist of a never ending to-do list that will stay crossed off and the jammies will remain I will laugh maybe through tears but I will laugh!  I hope you laugh too!