Monday, May 25, 2015

This ones for the guys....

Y'all!  My husband just gave me THE most romantic  gift ever!  And guys I wanna share with you so that you understand JUST how romantic this gift is.

Not flowers (they'll just die).  Potted plants (one of my favorite gifts) but sadly because I'm me and have a black thumb...will most likely also just die.  Diamonds are gorgeous but let's face it...I'm not a jewelry girl. Food, always the way to my heart...especially if it's Chocolate.  Lingerie...let's be honest guys that's really ONLY for you!

But y'all, today my husband (without words) said to me.  'Your stressed, your working hard, you have a lot on your plate and I think you deserve to rest.'   Yes guys you can say ALL of that with one gift!  A hammock.  A hammock says kick your shoes off, grab an iced tea, close your eyes and listen to the trees.  It begs you to stop and take a minute.  To ignore the to do lists, the chores, the chaos.  It begs you to only BE.  And what kind of wife would I be if I didn't use this gift?

So go y'all!  Do this for your wife!  I promise you!  She'll be thankful!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Just some graduation tears...

In less than a month our oldest son will graduate from high school (the same high school his father and I did just a few - ha - years ago).  I've always thought it was kind of silly, the big deal being made about graduating from high school.  I mean I've always known he would graduate from high school, it's just what we do.  I know that in some communities and some families it is a huge accomplishment but I never thought anything about it.  UNTIL NOW!  And y'all I realized this year and maybe even just now (seriously!) just now that it actually is not about walking across a stage and shaking hands and being handed a diploma that I never doubted he would earn.  But about the fact that his and our lives are forever changed. 

He is 18 years old, he can vote, he can fight for his country, he is a full grown adult.  In a few precious months he will reside in a new location.  He won't have to call when he's on his way home or let me know he's going somewhere.  I won't know what his room looks like (or his shower, much scarier).  I won't know what he's eating, I will probably go weeks without seeing his face.  I won't know his friends (really odd feeling since I've worked at his schools since he was in 5th grade)! 

Y'all, I have this man in my life that is so tall that I have to stand on tiptoes to kiss his two day stubbly cheek.  And let me tell y'all something...when I look up in those deep brown eyes I promise you I do NOT see a man.  I see a little boy in the second grade with huge tears in his eyes because kids were making fun of his big ears.  This boy who made me a momma first can NOT be a man that is about to venture off into the big bad world on his own.  This boy who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside can NOT be the same person that in a few months I will leave in a new town, in a new room.

On my wall in my office I have a frame for each of my kiddoes that has a picture from each of their school years and it wasn't until today and I placed the final picture of that frame.  The cap and gown graduation picture that I realized...he's isn't just graduating from high school, he is graduating INTO LIFE!  A life that he will do just fine in, I know this with every ounce of my being.  And on the days that he struggles or stumbles his dad and I will be there, to talk him through it, to listen, to drive up for a quick meal and big hug. 

My Dakota, you are smart, you are funny (yes you are), you are talented, you are handsome, you have a huge heart that holds so much love!  I will miss the fact that you stop me in the middle of doing something just to give me a hug but will so look forward to your DAILY (ha) phone calls and hearing about your days!  I can NOT wait to see what the world holds for you!  It's yours for the taking!  Go get 'em Bub!  I love you MORE!