Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wandering Words Wednesday...

Princess:  "Mom, where you singing with the radio just now?"
Me:  "Yes"
Princess:  "Well, that explains why it sounded funny!"

Alrighty then!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

...cause baby YOU'RE a Firework!

Every year the Fourth of July celebration in my town is HUGE!  It's my absolute favorite day of the year to live in my town (and I've lived here every single day of my 3mmpf years).  Everyone is out, everyone is celebrating, everyone is sweating their butt off!  But there is such a huge sense of community.  Even though there are thousands of people lining the street to watch the parade it feels small town.  Snow cones, donuts and coffee being consumed, fans being handed out, firetrucks, horses and youth groups.  Young and old all come out to sit in the sweltering sun to celebrate this amazing day.  And nothing dampens the spirit, not the heat or the sun even some rain.  Nothing stops people from coming out in droves to support the community.  I could never be out of town on the fourth and I can't imagine spending it anywhere else!  I hope your fourth is spent with family, friends, fabulous food and fun festivities! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Yes...I'm THAT mom...

I have spent the better part of last night and this morning ordering...wait for it...feathers...YES FEATHERS!  Why you ask?  It's not for a costume, or a project, it's for hair...yes HAIR!  My daughter has jumped on the feather hair extension band waggon and a sweet friend of mine told me you could order them and install them yourself saving TONS of money.  I've researched this fact and it's very true...of could also say NO to the feathers and save EVEN MORE!  What's worse...I found myself ordering a few extra.  For friends you ask?  Oh no...embarrassingly enough...for me!  Shhh...please don't tell...and please don't point and laugh...just hide your snickering smile behind your hand and move on like any other self-respecting person would do!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wandering Words Wednesday...

The other night I dreamt I worked in a prison.  I was at a table with all these security guards and we were signing in and then they handed me a check (my paycheck I assume) but it was written on a personal size check, no envelope just a check.  (I don't work at a prison, I work at a school a very pleasant school.  There are no fences or clear backpacks the kids don't even have to wear uniforms nothing like a prison at all.)  I woke up before I could see how much the check was for, hopefully more than I make now!  I wish I had a book of dreams so I would know what it meant.  Any thoughts?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Happens...

What happens when you realize you're not as strong as you're actually pretty weak?
What happens when you realize you're not the happy person you portray that you're actually sometimes faking it just to get through the day?
What happens when you realize the bravado you carry around is a mask to cover up the fear?
What happens when you realize that the weight that you have carried for so many years starts to weigh you down?  The weight that felt not light at all but at least manageable, all of a sudden becomes a mansion made of boulders.  A weight that you're no longer walking with and instead are crawling and some days not even that...some days you're just laying there with it on your back waiting, praying for the burden to lighten so that you can get up and move.
What happens when you feel like your letting someone down because of your own insecurities and fears?
What happens...?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just another day in paradise...

This is just another Saturday in paradise for me...what does your Saturday look like?

Set alarm to wake up.
Make muffins.
Fix computer.
Start dishwasher.
Start coffee.
Start laundry.
Take muffins out of oven.
Walk past spouse watching fishing. "Getting in shower kids need to get up" I say.
Take quick shower.
Wash hair, shave legs.
Spouse comes in and says (in a slightly elevated voice) "We have to leave in 30 minutes!".
"Yup" I say.
Spouse starts getting dressed.
Offspring still in bed watching tv.
Daughter can't find jeans.
Spouse says "Just handed you jeans".
"Those were mom's jeans".
Find jeans for girl child.
Walk past spouse watching fishing.
Tell children to hurry.
Fix snacks for children.
Spouse comes in saying (in a slightly elevated voice) that we are late, while heating his coffee.
"I'm completely ready." I say.
 Spouse asks if children are ready.
I remind spouse to grab Lacrosse gear as my arms are full.
Spouse forgets Lacrosse gear.
Spouse asks wife (in a slightly elevated voice) why she didn't lock the door, even though wife's hands are full.
Pull in parking lot...spouse looks at clock and says "Hey look at that...right on time!".
Wife kills spouse!!!