Monday, August 11, 2014

Words truly do hurt...

Dear friends,

I feel it is vitally important to share with you my experience this weekend, something I did that evidently hurt feelings, feelings that I cannot repair.  Sadly I was unaware the magnitude of my words until the end of my very long Monday.  I know words hurt!  I explain to my children all the time how long it takes to repair the wounds that one comment can create.  I wish I had listened to my own words.  Below is my story, please take heed dear friends.

My sweet husband and I decided we would FINALLY take on the task of redoing our kitchen.  Nothing major, no walls being knocked out or anything.  But paint, cabinets, flooring (well I guess it's major to a family of five with two working parents (one with a new job), just starting the school year (with one kid in his senior year), four dogs and 2.5 cows.  Come to think of it we might be slightly crazy. 

Anyway, as we excitedly pick paint colors and talk of what's to come I start to get carried away (what woman doesn't).  I start talking "what if's?" and "could we do this?" and "what about's?".  Well as my sweet husband nodded and continued to tape of walls for paint and I rambled on and on and that my friends is when IT happened. 

(deep breath)

Me ~ "You know I wish we could get a stove/oven and get rid of our wall oven.  It would be bigger and we could create more storage in it's place."

Sweet Husband ~ "Babe, we JUST replaced the fridge that died in the middle of night.  That's not gonna happen right now!"

I agreed, understood and life went on.  We finished the painting (with the help of my momma) and it looks bright and beautiful and I love it and I started dreaming of the next step, the cabinets.

Monday morning, came and went and as I drove home I realized I was excited to come home to cook dinner in my freshly painted kitchen.  Odd how such a small change can make such a big difference. 

I came in, changed clothes, turned on the oven, started the dishwasher, put in a load of clothes and THAT'S when I smelt it.  Something toxic, chemical, awful!  I looked inside, surely something had fallen and was burning in there but no.  I turned it off, opened the window and called my sweet,  tired guy.  "Almost home, I'll look when I get there."  Like that's what he wants to do at the end of a long day. 

He checks it out, turns it back on and in minutes the smell starts again.  He turns it off and looks at me.  "Guess you get you stove/oven with a storage on the wall now".

That my friends is when I realized with utmost certainty that even if you are UN-FOND of someone(thing) you should NEVER talk bad about them(it) unless you are TRULY ready to replace them(it).