Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Things I learned today...

So today has been an eye opening, learning experience for me.  Well to be honest the day was rather normal, it was the evening that opened my eyes.  So because I like to share and let's be honest we all spend way too much time being interested in each other's lives, I'll share with you.

1. Fridges are no longer easily purchased and picked up/delivered in the same day.  Everything must be ordered, which is a HUGE inconvenience when yours dies in the middle of the night.

2. People have DRASTICALLY different opinions when it comes to appliances.  Seriously y'all!  Few of you actually agreed.  I'm stumped.

3. Fourth of July sales are still going on the week after and you can get some seriously good deals.  (Thank goodness cause a new fridge was NOT in the budget!).

4. I don't give my husband nearly enough credit for what he can accomplish.

5. My husband will kill himself trying to prove people wrong. (Yes big muscly sales dude he is sure he doesn't want the 400 lb fridge delivered Friday and will be taking it home today.)

6. I cry when I'm stressed.  (See above for said stress).

7.  Neither of us like to, nor are good at asking for help but he did ask because I was super stressed.

8.  I'm so thankful that the two sweet guys he called couldn't help at that exact moment and he was too impatient to wait because...

9.  My boys helping their dad and my girl distracting me from the window made for some really cute images that will love forever in my mind.

10.  God is DESPERATELY wanting me to stop trying to control my world and rely on Him to take care of the big AND little things.  (Thank you mom for emptying and reloading my fridge even though I said I didn't need help).

11. This circus that Craig and I created is really super cool and I'm so thankful that I get to be a part of it.  

12. I WAS WRONG AND CRAIG WAS RIGHT.  (man that was bitter)

Oh and when you see my new fridge and it's hugeness (that doesn't really fit in my kitchen) please remember I have 3 kids that eat A LOT!  I have to go shopping now!