Friday, June 24, 2016

Day 3...

Some days are just crap y'all!   No matter how hard you try. No matter what you say or do you can't make everyone happy.  The curl up on the sofa and watch a movie where you get to see cows and horses and beautiful landscapes oh AND Brad Pitt's butt.  Not that I was lookin' or anything...  ;o).  #legendsofthefall #neverdisappoints


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I've been putting off posting a comment on your wonderful "Coffee and Faith" for a while, but decided to just do it. What a pleasure to READ YOUR HEART and get to know you (again), your husband and your kids. Thank you for sharing. Would love to hear from you (up to you)... Check around and you'll know how to contact me.
BTW, with your writing skills I'm wondering when you're going to write a book.
See ya,

Kimberly said...

Thank you so much for your kind words (whoever you are). A book is on the bucket list...someday maybe. Thank you for your vote of confidence!