Thursday, June 23, 2016

Day 2...

Ten things I learned on Day 2 of summer 'vacation':

  1. I LOVE driving on a sunny day with the radio up and windows down. I don't care how hot it is outside or if the passenger wants to speak to me...this is my happy place.  
  2. I will chauffeur people all flipping day long around town if the above can happen. 
  3. Doctors appointments with my mother are never boring. 
  4. My mother doesn't know how to whisper.  (I've always known this but it might be getting worse!)
  5. God answers prayers...even when you're being a little snarky. 
  6. A common misconception is that my silliness came from my dad...partially true but one cannot ever doubt momma's influence!
  7. Cappuccinos, desert and long talks make me crazy happy especially when it's with someone I love. 
  8. I sometimes discount my children, thinking I know better...I need to start listening more sometimes
  9. No matter how much you do for your children they will ALWAYS find the one thing you DIDN'T do and bring it up.  
  10. Momma was right...baths do make everything just a little better.  

***Warning***This was written whilst in the bath. I don't have my glasses.  I don't have my phone to text a member of my family for my glasses. And no matter how loud I yell or how hard I bang on the wall they PRETEND can't hear me to bring me my glasses.  So who knows what I actually wrote.  

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